Welcome to TableTopFetus - the official site of Rusty Shackles -

You may have seen my art on sites such as Comics Alliance, Moviefone, 1up, as well as art sites like Kirby-Vision, Covered, Repaneled, etc.   I also am the designer of the War Rocket Ajax and Adam Warrock banners, and have worked with Chris Sims on Oni's Resurrection #8, and THE HARD ONES which is available for
FREE download here.  You may view my art for 1up here, here and here.

The COMICS section features the Great Comics That Never Happened I co-created with Mr. Sims.  MUSIC is assorted work for various musicians.  REMIXES  is from sites like Covered/Repanled/Cornered, etc., WRA/TTF is my favorites from the War Rocket Ajax posters as well as my TableTopFighters I have designed for friends.  The FEDX STUFF is art from a previous online persona, and OTHER is art I couldn't categorize.  Clicking the dog will bring you back to the main page, or click below to go to my video game art site!