Welcome to TableTopFetus - the official site of Rusty Shackles -

You may have seen my art on sites such as Comics Alliance, Moviefone, 1up, as well as art sites like Kirby-Vision, Covered, Repaneled, etc.   I also am the designer of the War Rocket Ajax and Adam Warrock banners, and have worked with Chris Sims on Oni's Resurrection #8, and THE HARD ONES which is available for download here.

The COMICS section features the Great Comics That Never Happened I co-created with Mr. Sims.  MUSIC is assorted work for various musicians.  REMIXES  is from sites like Covered/Repanled/Cornered, etc., WRA/TTF is my favorites from the War Rocket Ajax posters as well as my TableTopFighters I have designed for friends.  The FEDX STUFF is art from a previous online persona, and OTHER is art I couldn't categorize.  Clicking the dog will bring you back to the main page, or click below to go to my video game art site!