Thank you for your interest in submitting your artwork to Palette-Swap!

First and foremost, ANY video-game is...well, fair game.  Arcade, PSX, GameCube, Game N' Watch, Xbox 360, etc, if you can find a box shot for the game then by all means draw it!  As long as you can send me a box shot to send then it can be used.  This also applies to international releases as well.  Please attach this image, and a link to the game's bio (be it wikipedia,, etc) with your submission. 


Jpegs are preferable, no larger than 1500px by 1500px, and no resolution larger than 72 dpi for storage consideration.  You do not have to maintain the proportions of the original game's packaging.

ALL images must have the game's title on the art!  Other elements such as ESRB ratings, Nintendo seal of approval, etc are optional, but it needs to convey a sense of a game's packaging, and not just a fan-art.

Keep in mind for the most popular game franchises, a lot of other artists will attempt that too.  Stretch out!  Do one you might not normally think has fan-art out there.  Draw it how you like, but reinterpret it your way, change the design, colors, whatever you see fit!

Humorous takes are fine, but this is not a parody site. 

Nudity - um, yeah could you not?

NO PHOTO MANIPS.  This site is for original art, do not use pre-existing renders or in-game shots as your character or backgrounds

Your image will be posted with your name and website attached, please include your preferred information when submitting.  Please do not put your website's information on the image itself.  If you are selling the original, please provide a link and I will attach it to your entry.


When you are ready to submit, please send an e-mail to therustyshackles(@)  I will try to respond as fast as possible!  If you are not chosen to be run on the site, I will also inform you of this in the nicest worded pre-formatted rejection letter you'll ever see.  Please include a link to the game's bio, a shot of the original box art, your image, your name and your website.  I'd prefer that you do not run the image on your own blog/twitter/deviantart account until it runs on P-Swap first.

again, send all submissions to: