Well let's get this out of the way, I used to be the artist known as Fedx2k7, however I got into a deal under that name that didn't work out quite the way I planned so in the meantime I worked for the last 2 years under the name "CornFedCannibal", which eventually evolved into Rusty Shackles.  SOOOOO...the answer is NO, I do not do pin-up illustration anymore, and will not be posting them on this site.  There's other folks who want to do that, so check them out.

IN THE MEANTIME I am working on a book or two or three with the one and only Chris Sims of the Invincible Super Blog, working on stuff for Flashback Universe and will be trying to do some side project stuff with my main damie L. Ron Flubber.  OH and possibly a webcomic with my gal the Vizz.  I also have done some design work, some of which will pop up here in the galleries and I will put in the links page all sorts of info on the hip places and fantastic bands I've worked with.